The real-time results seen in the list are achieved by eating enough good and tasty food. So not with hard training, not with fat avoidance, not with wildly low calories or with hunger, but with DudeDiet.

Aiming at an overall good feeling, the DudeDiet will lower your weight immediately. As a result, your energy level rises considerably and it will be difficult to return from this new energetic feeling to your old tired state. And why go back. As the DudeDiet has taught you a new way to enjoy good, full-fledged food without calorie counting or weighing your doses, you will no doubt want to continue it even after you gain your target weight.

That’s why DudeDiet works! 

Latest 15 Results – Dudediet

Overweight and obesity causes many diseases and even increases the risk of death, especially with those persons suffering from adult diabetes. Overweight also increases the risk of many diseases such as gout, knee osteoarthritis, some cancers, sleep apnea and mental health problems that are not usually associated with overweight. Especially harmful is the so called abdominal obesity in which the abdominal cavity accumulates excess body fat, or visceral fat. Increased visceral fat increases the risk of cardiovascular disease such as insulin resistance and diabetes and hypertension. The number of diseases increases considerably as the waist circumference exceeds 30.5″ in men and 27.4″ in women. Even obesity if it which started at a young age, is more dangerous from the point of view of illnesses, than if it started at a later age.

Even a 5 to 10 percent weight loss will significantly reduce the risk of illness.

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